Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Post #2: Please make it stop...

I'd like to ask you all to do something. Something to help us win this election. Yeah, US.

The next time you pick up a newspaper and read a column by some liberal contributor trying to offer some advice to the Kerry campaign...

...or the next time you get online and read a blog post that second-guesses the decisions made by Kerry's campaign managers...

...please write to the author, via e-mail, snail mail, text messaging, whatever medium is available to you...

...and tell them to PUT A SOCK IN IT.

This is not 2000. If John Kerry falls short in November, don't blame his campaign. Don't blame the media. Blame the left. Blame yourself.

Those all important swing voters? Here's what they're hearing from the Bush camp:

"Our man is the only one who can protect us from the evildoers."

And here's what they're hearing from (broadly speaking) "us":

Why isn't Kerry ahead? Why isn't he hitting back harder? He should be talking about Iraq! He needs to address outsourcing! He needs to have Edwards play a more prominent role. He needs to stop being so long-winded. He needs to...

I don't know how else to put this. STOP THINKING ABOUT THE ELECTION LIKE A HORSERACE. I know, I know: I've not only pointed you to electoral-vote.com; I've expended quite a bit of energy breaking down the likely Electoral College outcomes. But I did it because so many people I knew were suddenly looking at polls -- after months of Kerry being ahead! -- and declaring defeat.

Please start looking at this election as an OPPORTUNITY. As a chance to have a voice again, to feel like your government is accountable to you. You think that the Democrats really aren't all that different than the Republicans when they're in power? Well then, trust me, the best thing you could possibly do is put the Democrats back in the majority. Because if there's one thing that Republicans do really well...no, it's not balancing the budget, or dealing with dictators, or making America safer. It's holding Democrats accountable. Republicans make awesome watchdogs when they're in the minority.

But I digress. There are only five weeks left before the election. The Kerry campaign is locked into a strategy now -- as is Bush's. So if this election matters to you, if you want to be sure that Bush is voted out of office, then it's time to start talking up John Kerry, John Edwards, and their thoughtful, detailed platform. I don't know what it is that you might not like about these two candidates -- personally, I think they're individually very strong, and make an absolutely incredible team -- but it's time to wake up to the realities: this is 2004, this election boils down to 4 more years of Bush-Cheney...OR the real possibilities offered by having Democrats control the White House again. Whatever your pet cause might be, ask yourself which scenario offers you more opportunities. More freedom.

Weak-kneed Democrats are doing far more damage to the Kerry campaign than the campaign could possibly do to itself. Stop wishing Kerry would do this, that, and the other. Stop taking advatange of every pro-Bush poll to wail publicly.

I'll end on this: every liberal I know has complained that the Kerry campaign failed to address the Swift Boat Liars' accusations quickly enough. Well, the true facts were out there from Day One: the blogosphere (and other non-mainstream outlets) debunked the SBL's claims within days, sometimes even hours. The information was readily available. So how many of you wrote to a media outlet to chastize them for giving the Swift Boat Liars the time of day?

Yeah, didn't think so.

Well, look at the right-wing blogosphere's response to the memos regarding Bush's guard duty. They were demanding Dan Rather's head an hour after the story aired. No one has debunked the facts laid out in the piece -- they've only sowed some doubts about a few documents that lent just one more layer of credence to the charges.

It's not that Kerry failed to respond to the Swift Bost Liars' charges; it's that WE did. We failed to express our outrage loudly enough, and demand that the media take a good hard look at the folks impugning Kerry's record. We wondered why people were taking such tripe at face value, rather than holding accountable the folks who gave airtime to that bunch of bottom feeders.

In short: we keep asking ourselves why, when the nation and the world is so obviously messed up, isn't our guy ahead?!?!

Look in the mirror.

You may be bright. But you don't know better than the Kerry campaign. And whoever you think would have made a better candidate: trust me, he'd have his or her own flaws.

The real problem for our side is that Democrats love to point out what's wrong with their own candidates. They love to telegraph their independence by showing the ways, and on how many issues, they differ from their candidate.

Now ain't the time. We have a great candidate, who's perfectly positioned to take Bush head-on regarding matters of war, terrorism, and security. As for the economy and health care...well, that's a given. So just think about where we COULD BE under a Kerry administration. I don't care if it's your utopia; is it better than what we've got right now? Of course it is.

Sleep tight,


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